Vietnamese American Television on Channel 56

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VietTV 56

Vietnamese American Television on Channel 56 so called VietTV 56 in Vietnamese. It is a Weekly Program, produced by Vietnamese American News Networks ("VANN") and ViWare LLC will debut on Channel 56 on Sunday, August 4, 2002 at 5:30 PM. Subsequent 1-hour weekly shows will run from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM every Sunday.

VietTV 56 is a TV magazine program which provides highlights the accomplishments and contributions of Vietnamese American in the US. Focus on how the new generation's messages provide the right directions to instill integrity and maintain high values of Vietnamese culture in the new way of life.

The show primarily focuses on events and issues within the Vietnamese community and will consist of:

1. News (local, national, and international) (3-5 minutes)

2. Community Events Calendar (announcements of community events and activities) (2-5 minutes)

3. Cultural and Performing Arts programs featuring Vietnamese American artists and performers (10-15 minutes)

4. Special reports on various issues including education, security, scouting, youth support, and community outreach programs (30-35 minutes)

5. Documentaries, Success Stories and Profiles (10-15 minutes)

Vietnamese American News Networks is in the process of developing five new television programs with emphasis on a) providing voter education, b) recognizing individuals and groups that have demonstrated noteworthy achievements in activities who have contributed to the positive development of the community, c) providing effective communications and information on governmental outreach programs relating to minority homeownership to enhance home buyers' confidence and purchase power, d) providing valuable educational programs on CreditSmart and credit risk,and c) delivering authorities' messages and tips on public health & safety.

In the past five years of operation, Vietnamese American News Networks has established linkages with community based organizations, student associations, small businesses, and other nonprofit agencies to provide news sources, participate in interviews and surveys, and collect comments and feedback from viewers.

Vietnamese American News Networks has assisted in producing TV programs for MVMA Highlights on Channel 19 Montgomery Cable TV in Montgomery county, MD, since 1997. Vietnamese American News Networks also provides footage for Vietnamese Public TV in Virginia and Little Saigon TV in Orange County, CA. In July 2002, Vietnamese American News Networks will begin to broadcast Viet TV program on Arlington Cable TV Channel 33.

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